Food and drink specials
Mon-Fri 4-7pm

A Strawberry & A Lemon Walk Into A Bar 12

absolut citron, smirnoff strawberry, lemons, strawberries, agave nectar (available w/ smirnoff blueberry, blueberries + lemons as a blueberry lemonade)

Mint To Be  12

bacardi rum, mint, soda, sprite

Long Eddy Iced Tea  15

deep eddy ruby red, lemon, peach + sweet tea vodkas, lemonade, fresh brewed house-made tea, in a 22oz mug

My Tie My Way  11

malibu rum, luxardo apricot, orange curacao, cranberry + pineapple juices, Bevvy’s secret ingredient

Berried Alive 13

altos reposado, mandarine napoleon orange liqueur, raspberries, fresh lime juice & agave

Bevvy Old Fashioned  12

maker’s mark, bitters, cherry, orange

Skinny Margarita  12

hornitos tequila, lime juice, agave nectar & splash of soda water

Dirty Girl  12

tito’s vodka, olive juice, & an olive

Espresso Martini  14

absolut vanilla, baileys, kahlua, topped with Starbucks double shot coffee

Swipe Right 12

effen cucumber, watermelon purée, lime juice, soda


  • Red Bull Revival  11
    deep eddy lemon, soda water, red bull tropical edition
  • Jungle Juice  11
    watermelon ciroc, red bull coconut berry edition

Blue Magic 11

deep eddy lemon, soda water, blue raspberry

Rubber Ducky Shot  11

Bevvy secret sauce

Ducky In A Pond  14

a pint of beer w/ a rubber ducky chaser

Duck In A Lake  17

a 22oz mug of draft beer w/ a rubber ducky chaser

Duck Roulette m.p.

(ask your server for details!)

Blue Balls

smirnoff blueberry, agave nectar, blueberries, lime, gosling's ginger beer

Fig Mule

figenza vodka, cranberry juice, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

The Boston Mule

crown royal vanilla, lemon, agave nectar, gosling's ginger beer

The Stand

absolut citron, smirnoff strawberry, strawberries, lemon, gosling’s ginger beer

Mexican Standoff

patrón silver, tanteo jalapeño tequila, cucumbers, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

The Antioxidant

grey goose, strawberries, blueberries, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

My Girlfriend's Secret

effen cucumber, agave nectar, cucumbers, mint, lime, gosling's ginger beer


  • bud light [abv 4.2%] 5/7
  • coors light [abv 4.2%] 5/7
  • miller lite [abv 4.2%] 5/7


  • blue moon [abv 5.4%] 6/9
  • deschutes fresh squeezed [abv 6.4%] 6/9
  • four peaks hop knot [abv 6.7%] 6/9
  • four peaks kilt lifter [abv 6.0%] 6/9
  • lagunitas ipa [abv 6.2%] 6/9
  • papago orange blossom [local, abv 6.2%] 6/9


  • dos equis lager [abv 4.2%] 6/9
  • guinness [abv 4.2%] 7/9
  • modelo especial [abv 4.2%] 6/9

Domestic 5

  • bud light [abv 4.2%]
  • budweiser [abv 5.0%]
  • coors light [abv 4.2%]
  • michelob ultra [abv 4.2]
  • miller lite [abv 4.2%]
  • pabst blue ribbon [tall boy, abv 4.7%]

Craft 6

  • big blue van [16oz can, abv 5.8%]
  • crispin cider [abv 5.0%]
  • four peaks peach [local, abv 4.2%]
  • green flash west coast ipa [abv 7.3%]
  • scottsdale blonde [local, can, abv 4.7%]
  • stella artois [abv 5.2%]
  • white claw [abv 5.2%]
  • high noon seltzer [abv 4.5%]

Imported 6

  • corona extra [abv 4.6%]
  • corona premier [abv 4.2%]
  • dos xx lager [abv 4.3%]
  • heineken [abv 4.2%]


Guinness 22

kim crawford sauvignon blanc 8/28

jacob’s creek riesling 8/25

canyon road cabernet 6/22

madness+cures blend 13/40

chandon brut -/50

chandon rose -/70

veuve clicquot yellow label -/150

veuve clicquot rose -/170

moet nectar rose -/300

dom perignon brut -/400

dom perignon rose -/700


available Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-3pm

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