Food and drink specials
Tues - Fri 4pm - 7pm


hornitos reposado, orange juice, cranberry, triple sec, lemonade (comes in a 24oz mini fish bowl)

Bevvy’s “Beveridge”  13

tito’s vodka, aperol, grapefruit, lemon, simple syrup

Peach Fuzz  13

old forester bourbon, st-germain, peach pureé, lemon, citrus soda

Gin & Juicy  13

tanqueray, lime, triple sec, lychee pureé, pineapple juice

The Elder Vixen  13

roxx vodka, st. germain, lemon, simple, cucumber, basil

Tiki Takeaway  13

malibu, orgeat almond syrup, pineapple juice, lime, meyer’s dark rum float

Berried Alive  13

altos reposado, mandarin napoleon orange liqueur, muddled raspberries, lime, agave

Spicy Rita  13

habanero infused hornitos blanco, passionfruit pureé, lime, agave

Espresso Martini  13

jameson cold brew, kahlua, baileys, high brew

Clove and Honey  14

bulleit bourbon, honey simple, lemon juice, orange juice

Simple Old Fashioned  13

maker’s mark, simple syrup, angostura bitters

Mezcalian Stallion  13

naran mezcal, coconut puree, raspberry syrup, lime juice

Bussin and Buzzin’  13

bacardi superior, pineapple juice, mint, coconut puree, lime juice, club soda

Sangria  13/gl  35/super

canyon road red and white, peach, brandy, orange, citrus and lemon soda [min 3 people for super]

Bevvy Brunch Punch  48

malibu coconut rum, rico bay white rum, lemon, aperol, lemon-lime soda

Pineapple Mind Eraser  35

smirnoff pineapple vodka, pineapple juice, red bull energy drink

Sangria  40

canyon road red or white

Mango Monster Mule  44

absolut, mango pureé, lime, ginger beer

Mega Mosa  35

35oz of champagne served w/ your choice of orange juice, cranberry, pineapple, or grapefruit

Bevvy Beer-garita  45

house tequila, lime, agave, served w/ corona

  • Mystery Shot 5 [don’t ask, we won’t tell…]
  • White Gummy Bear  8
    smirnoff blueberry, peach schnapps, pineapple, sour
  • Mexican Candy  8
    hornitos blanco, watermelon schnapps, sour, chamoy
  • House Shots   6
    house batch
  • Green Tea   8
    jameson, peach schnapps, sour
  • Rubber Ducky Shots   10
    house batch (you get to keep the ducky!)
  • Pineapple Mind Eraser  10/ea   30/mega
    smirnoff pineapple, pineapple juice, red bull energy drink
    single shot or share a mind eraser w/ friends [min 3 people for mega]

Moscow Mule

Bevvy vodka, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

Mexican Mule

casamigos blanco tequila, orange bitters, lime,
gosling’s ginger beer

Apple Mule

crown apple, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

American Mule

jack daniels, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

Mango Mule

deep eddy original vodka, mango pureé, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

Blue Balls

smirnoff blueberry, blueberry syrup, lime, gosling’s ginger beer

Girlfriend’s Secret

ketel one botanical cucumber & mint vodka, lime, agave, gosling’s ginger beer

On Draft

  • ace rotating cider  6/8
  • grapefruit sculpin ipa (ballast point)  7/9
  • bud light  5/7
  • coors light  5/7
  • deschuttes rotating draft  7/9
  • dos equis lager 6/8
  • four peaks kiltlifter 6/8
  • green flash west coast ipa 8/10
  • guinness 7/9
  • hoegaarden 7/9
  • huss rotating draft 6/8
  • lagunitas ipa 7/9
  • stella artois 7/9


  • blue moon  5
  • bud light  4
  • budweiser  4
  • coors banquet  4
  • coors light  4
  • corona  4
  • corona light  4
  • corona premier 4
  • dos equis lager  5
  • four peaks peach  5
  • heineken  5
  • michelob ultra  4
  • modelo especial  5
  • modelo negra  5
  • modern times sour  5
  • miller lite  4
  • omission  5 GF
  • pabst blue ribbon  4


  • heineken 0.0  5


  • vizzy  7
  • becky 7
  • corona 6
  • bud light 6



  • Coconuts  11
    smirnoff pineapple & red bull coconut berry edition
  • Blue Magic  11
    smirnoff blueberry, red bull blueberry edition
  • Red Bull Revival  11
    deep eddy lemon, red bull tropical edition
  • Melon Madness  11
    deep eddy cranberry, red bull watermelon editionRed Bull Energy Drink Flavors:
    red bull energy drink, red bull tropical edition, red bull watermelon edition, red bull blueberry edition, red bull coconut berry edition, red bull sugarfree

Rotating wines $8/glass
$6/glass all day on Weds

day owl  9/30

the palm by whispering angel  12/40

butter chardonnay 10/32

skyline chardonnay 12/40

erath pinot gris 11/38

ruffino pinot grigio 9/30

brancott estate sauvignon blanc 10/34

kim crawford sauvignon blanc 13/42

pacific rim riesling 9/30

villa pozzi moscato 10/34

butternut pinot noir 10/34

westmount pinot noir 13/42

barossa valley estate cabernet sauvignon 10/34

alamos malbec 10/34

campo viejo tempranillo 9/50

if you see kay italian red blend 14/46

madness and cures red blend 15/50

cupcake prosecco 9/30

gambino cuvee 9/30

chandon brut -/60

chandon rosé -/70

veuve clicquot yellow label -/120

dom pérignon brut -/350

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